Thursday, August 21, 2014

Ozeri 360 Tower Fan Review

Writing a blog post after such a long gap! Feels like a fresh new start!

Its almost the end of summer (at least here :) ) and its the perfect timing to write a review about Ozeri's 360 Tower Fan - yes it oscillates 360 degrees. I took my time, since I received this product aptly at the start of summer and feel like I'm completely ready to tell you about it.

We all know that most of the homes or apartments here in US do not have fans attached.. even if we do, it does not come where we actually want it to be... isn't it more useful to have a fan right in the living room or family room when we have guests over??

This tower fan is perfect for those needs. You can just plug it in when ever or where ever you need. Some of the best points that I can tell you right off the bat are:
  • Noise free blades 
  • Different adjustable speeds
  • Handy remote - easy to operate
  • Adjustable oscillations - up to 360 degrees 
  • Easy storage
  • Timer to operate the fan

This was extremely useful for this summer! I'm sure people living in hot and humid weather are looking out for good fans and I do recommend this for a cool and pleasant indoor. Also, wouldn't it be nice to switch on the fan and open your patio doors to let fresh air in rather than stuffing inside the AC all day long?

To get your fan, order here today - Ozeri 360 Tower Fan

Disclaimer: The Product was sent by Ozeri. Review is purely my own experience.


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