Tuesday, March 25, 2014

Ozeri's Electric Pepper Grinder - Review

I've been on the look for a good electric pepper grinder. I have a mechanical one and it is difficult to grind more when needed and hurts my arm. So, when I got the opportunity by Ozeri to try and review their electric pepper grinder, I was obviously excited.

Its been almost 10 days of testing so far and I'm pretty confident by now to write about it. I've already got extensive use off it :) I like to grind fresh pepper to food when ever possible due to its health benefits. Some items I never skip are eggs, fried rice, broccoli stir fry, etc. One trusted and tested use of pepper is with turmeric in milk when you have sore throat, cough, etc.

Please feel free to read more on the health benefits on pepper in a research paper here. (Ref. Source: McCormick Science Institute)

Coming to the product, it is a sleekly designed grinder with a black casing and very ergonomic. The button is like a feather touch operator. There is a knob at the bottom to vary the thickness and coarseness of the pepper from coarse to fine. There is a clear section to the bottom where you can see the level or the amount of pepper so the refill is very easy and never runs out.

Pepper ground at different levels

It saves you time and most of all you don't have to skip on the pepper just because you have to twist the mechanical one. If you do have hand pain, neck issues then I strongly recommend this for you. Also, it makes a great gift to housewarming, gift for friends, parents, elder people who really cannot grind with the mechanical one.

Disclaimer: The product was sent for review by Ozeri. However, opinions expressed are purely mine.


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