Thursday, March 6, 2014

Ozeri Green Earth - PTFE- and PFOA- Free Non-stick Frying Pan Review

When I got the opportunity to review the Ozeri Green Earth Frying Pan, I was elated! I've given up using non-stick cookware for quite some years now. This pan caught my eye with the wordings - PTFE-Free and PFOA-Free Ceramic Non-stick Coating. 

I got interested on getting to know more about what these were and how it works. As we all know, generally the information about non-stick cookware is that it gives out harmful fumes when heated and that is about it. I got to know the real detailed explanation behind why I really gave up non-stick and why it is safe to use PTFE and PFOA free non-stick cookware.

Polytetrafluoroethylene (PTFE) is a chemical used to coat non-stick cookware for many years now. During recent years, the chemical has been a subject of debate and safety concerns. Main product of criticism is perfluorooctanoic acid, or PFOA, which is used in the production of fluoropolymers. New non-stick technologies, like the one Ozeri uses forms the non-stick coating free of these questionable chemicals. (Ref. HowStuffWorks)

Coming to the Pan, Ozeri's Green Earth Frying Pan was the first of its kind I've used. So far, I'm loving it. Not because it was sent to me, but the quality of the pan is so good, thick and heavy with sturdy heat-resistant long silicone handle. I'm really happy I got to know this information regarding non-stick and got to use a green pan. Look how thick the base is!

It heats up easily and cooks within minutes due to its heavy sandwich base, which retains heat evenly for a long time. I mainly use the 8 in pan for a quick omelette and to stir fry vegetables quickly and without burning or over-cooking. 

Now a days whenever I come across a non-stick pan that states PTFE- and PFOA- Free I know what it means :) This is the only non-stick cookware in my kitchen now which I feel safe about!

Here is the link to the pan on amazon: Ozeri Amazon Link

Made this garden omelette today, ready within minutes! 

Disclaminer: The product was sent to me by Ozeri, however the views and thoughts are purely and strongly mine.


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