Monday, September 9, 2013

My Chronic Journal - About Section of My Blog

That's what I re-named my blog. This blog journals my learning experiences and cooking. Unless otherwise stated, each and every blog posted, crafts listed and more than anything... recipes written were and are a learner's experience. Here you can find information on kids activities, recipes, crafts, crochet, jewelry making, makeup, volunteer work, accessories... in short everything a woman likes!

Anyone on a H4 will know what I'm babbling about :) Believe me, there are tons of things to experiment and learn. This blog was a result of one such trial to keep time occupied... I remember writing about Chettinad tradition and some other experiences and a few recipes to start with. Once I got a warm welcome and good response.. it literally kept me excited.

Off-late you would've seen a lot of posts relating to kids, kids activity, food, etc.. that is my active phase of life currently. Over the years I've had a few breaks, and name changes to my blog.. the reason is, as I entered a new phase of life each time I wrote about it.. so finally I settled on a apt title which I realize is MY CHRONIC JOURNAL.


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