Friday, August 23, 2013

Annie's Crafts Review - Learn to Tunisian Crochet & an Exclusive Offer!!

Recently I got the opportunity to learn "Tunisian Crochet" through videos from Annie's Crafts online classes. Stay tuned to find some exclusive offers at the end of this post!!

I'm elated that I got to try a completely new type of crochet. I'm a beginner in crochet. All the knowledge about basic crochet and the few little basic projects that I've tried so far are completely learnt online. When I got this opportunity, I din't know what Tunisian Crochet was. The name itself interested me a lot.

"Learn to Tunisian Crochet" is taught by Kim Guzman through Annie's Crafts video classes. They also provide you with a pdf manual with written instructions/patterns. Instructor Guzman explains each and every stitch, supplies, reason and concept completely. The video is very explanatory and will make you want to crochet that scarf / project right away... that's how interesting it is!

A crochet hook and yarn - is all you need to learn this beautiful "Honeycomb Scarf". I picked up a little trick from the video to use our normal crochet hook to Tunisian Crochet this scarf... It is a work in progress.. I'll have it done for this Winter :)

Honeycomb Stitch Scarf

I had no idea that we could create such nice knit like stitches through crochet! Believe me, if this can be created by an absolute beginner like me, anybody can do it. Don't we all like to wear scarves during Winter?.. it would be really nice to wear a hand-made one, right??

Honeycomb Stitch Scarf

I created a swatch for the next stitch Instructor Guzman teaches through the video (she teaches a hat using this stitch), you'll be amazed at its striking similarity to knitting:

I went out and got an afghan hook to try this hat some time. Can you believe crochet creates real knit like stitches?! Trust me - this was my very first attempt at the stitch by watching the video... The video is so very explanatory! Here is a peek into what you can expect to learn from the video:

The video is also presented at shorter segments, meaning you could directly play the segment you want to watch and need not start from the beginning every time. Apart from Crochet, Annie's Crafts has a wide range of online classes for Beading & Jewelry, Knitting, Sewing, Paper Crafts, Quilting, etc.

Now to the exciting part!! They were kind enough to offer my readers some exclusive offers:
If you are a beginner like me, I strongly recommend Annie's Crafts videos to learn a new craft.

Disclaimer: I would like to thank Annie's Crafts for offering access to the video - "Learn to Tunisian Crochet". The supplies were brought by me out of my own interest. 


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