Thursday, May 9, 2013

The Secret Ingredient to a RED chutney - tip to boost the red color

I learnt this tip from my MIL. The secret ingredient is " a variety of RED CHILLI"... no, I'm not kidding :) 

There are different type of red chillies. The one we normally use in Indian cooking is very hot and spicy. The color it adds to the food differs depending on the type. But there is one type of red chilli that adds immense color without adding spicy-ness. It is usually curly looking (the one from India) and long. This is not as crispy as the normal ones we use..

I was wondering if I could get it here in USA. And we did.. it is available at all grocery stores (not Indian store). It is available locally. I din't look at the brand.. next time I'll click a pic :) It looks like normal chilli but it's different when you look at it in person and feels soft and not crispy.

Just add this chilli in addition to your normal chilli routine for additional color! This works in all foods where you add red chillis.


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