Monday, April 29, 2013

Surprise Gift From Mont Bleu

Hello Ladies!! Now a days I'm better being regular at my FB Page  ... so in case you want to know what is going on frequently :)

I received this surprise gift from Mont Bleu past holiday season. I know its a bit late to blog about it.. but I was in India that time, on a long vacation...... They sent a customized file with my birth sign on it.. isn't it cute? Also a crystal embedded tweezers and crystal earrings and the most amazing pen also with a crystal studded (it is such a feather light pen, always in my handbag)..

So thought will write about it now :) If you read my review on their glass nail file some time back, you'll know I absolutely love it! It makes a world of difference on your nails even if you have only a few mins to spare to file it!

With Emery FileWith Glass File

If you are not able to read the pic (well.. I'm sure you'll not..) There is some problem with the editor.. not able to make it big..  That is why I wrote it to the side of the pics..

Note: This is not a review.. I was not asked to review the gift products.. I'm just sharing my thoughts on the products... :)


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