Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Effective Time Management (My story to start with a Planner)

Recently I read a book called "To - Do List".. if you follow me on twitter you'll know what I'm talking about. This book really had me inspired. It is about the lists that we make for all kinds of reasons.

I'm a big pro-list person. Not on daily basis though.. if I have a list, everything is clear and happens quickly. If not, I always tend to forget or procrastinate. Now this book contains a series of real to - do lists from people. You'll really be amazed when you find more reasons to make lists. Advantages of making a list - effective time management, increases productivity.... sense of satisfaction.  Do we all follow everything when a list is made??... Point to ponder..

Now why am I writing about all of this??.. I had already told you the book had me all inspired.. I got a planner ready and a pen.. I really want to sit down and pen down at least my name on it :) But haven't done yet. Every time I sit down, my kid wants the pen and to rip away the papers.. that is not exactly an encouraging start I suppose :)

So really hoping this post will help me some how find the time to write down the plans and lists that has to be done....

Signing off


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