Monday, September 24, 2012

Chemical Free Cleaning - My Way - For Our Green Earth

Do you believe in chemical free cleaning??... I do. Ever since I found / read about vinegar and its disinfecting properties I've been using it in my kitchen.  I've already written a post on "Go Green" . This one is to show actually what I use day to day in my kitchen.

Got 2 spray bottles - one has just plain water as marked. I use this to spray water and then wipe with a tissue or towel.. this way you don't need to soak the towel and get mushy and wet. Its quicker and cleaner.

The other one contains vinegar + water = disinfecting counter tops. Also for the sink. Just use the spray bottle to spray and wipe away clean!

In addition to this I use baking soda for the sink.

What is your tip to chemical free cleaning??


  1. wow..thanks for the info. I too use vinegar in many ways. This tips seems very nice.

  2. I use dishwashing liquid+vinegar+baking soda for mopping the great!

  3. Thank you for sharing your tip Ramya... I'll try it next time :)


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