Sunday, August 26, 2012

Nadu Veetu Kolam - Chettinad Tradition

This kolam is called the "Nadu Veetu Kolam" among Chettiars. It is drawn on all important occasions like wedding, padaippu, pongal, pillayar nonbu etc...  There are a lot of variations of the design. It is usually drawn even bigger with a lot of designs for bigger functions like weddings by Aachis together.

This particular one was drawn for my baby shower by my MIL with a ear bud on our coffee table. The Kola maavu was from India. But you can make it here too. Here in the USA since it is carpeted apts, I draw Nadu Veetu Kolams for Pongal and all on a rexin sheet.

This one was drawn by me on Pongal on rexin sheet. The rexin type makes it difficult and a little blurred... But a nice way since it is / must be washed away.


  1. like your blog's new look :)

  2. Thank you PT :) I've been looking for a simple clean look for some time now, Happy with this :))

  3. கோலம் மிக அழகாக இருக்கிறது...


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