Sunday, July 15, 2012

How To: Volunteer Jobs

Hey Ladies :) This post is like a prequel to the original picture. I'm just letting you all know that I'm going to start a discussion and share information on my FB Page (you can also find the link on the top tab) about volunteer jobs. I'm not an expert/professional - I'm just letting you all know how I did. I used to Volunteer as a Income Tax Preparer (I do not have any tax back ground) - that is the point. Even if you do not have a full background it is possible to do it, because they offer training. 

Trust me, the experience is REWARDING :) A lot of my friends/ people to whom I speak about this ask me how I find it.. so I thought I could use a common medium to get/give more information.

I'll be MIA for a couple of days... so like and look @ my FB page for the coming up discussion in a couple of days time... 


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