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How To: VITA Volunteer (My own experience)

After doing some thinking... something tells me I have to write information on my blog too.. not stopping with  Facebook.. for true reach... Since I started the page just a week back..

I might not duplicate all the information.. only because I can't find the time. I'll try to add more information on both...  So keep checking both for a whole lot of information. I do this because it took me a very long time to find all these information.  So wanted to put everything together, hoping it'll be helpful at least to one of you??.. If it is please let me know.. :)

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What is VITA?
VITA stands for Volunteer in Income Tax Assistance. This program is in place during the tax season (from OCT - APRIL)

Who can Volunteer?
Anyone can. But you should pass the IRS certification test.  (I'm a Masters in IT field with nil tax background) It is ideal to have or to be currently working in the Accounting field.

What is the IRS Certification?
Since anyone can volunteer for this position, you should read the basic rules for filing taxes and pass the certification online/ in the organization where you volunteer. You can read the material from the IRS website. But many Organizations require you to attend their training as well. You'll have to find out from the Organization. Once you have the certificate you are ready to volunteer for different Organizations in the same season!

When should I do all this?
You should be ready with all the information by October. So do all the contacting and collecting before that.

What does it hold for you?
Trust me, this will be a rewarding experience. You will meet people. Not to mention the rich mentioning on your Resume! and some firms offer you with hours (if you are CPA / Accountant) You can be sure that by the end, you'll be able to understand your own taxes!

If you have more questions contact me - or share on my FB page so that all can benefit :)

Disclaimer: I'm not reviewing / an expert in this category. This is purely my experience and wanting to share with you all... If you already are a VITA volunteer please shed more light on this for all of us :) 


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