Friday, July 13, 2012

$1 clips from Gem Show

If you are in the US you might have already known about the "International Gem & Jewelry Show" that happens through out the year and in many cities. I get my beads there to make jewelry and also these clips. These are just a $1 and easily glams up simple plain hair. Need less to say if you have girl babies/kids :) They look super cute on babies :))

Note: I got these from my pocket and this is my own view. I'm not sponsored/paid to write this.

P.S. I started a Facebook page for my blog.. just today. We all start the small "FIRSTS" with great hope right?? :)  If you find time, pay a visit and let me know what you would like to see/discuss there.. you can find the link on my blog's top tab or just click here :)) Have a beautiful, fun filled weekend!


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