Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Dynamic layout update N twitter account

Do you guys like the dynamic layout for the blog?? I wanted to try out something fresh and.. well... dynamic for this summer :) There is a drop down list to the top left corner of this blog where you can choose different styles to view the posts.. Its quite interesting! See the different looks in my blog if you are interested in changing yours... and want to have a idea of how it looks...

And there is a sliding list to the right side of the blog where you can find the archives, friends, labels, etc.. I wish I could stop the slide.. Will check out about that.. So how is summer for you??

I finished my last post here... I just wanted to update in the same post instead of writing a new one. The dynamic layout is very interesting! Although there are some compromises like placing a side bar pic or link that can be found easily..! I think certain gadgets cannot be placed as we do in the normal layout like pageviews, maps, etc... But I'm okay with that..

You may notice that I added a pic now... (This was grill @ a friend's place) I put this pic up, because the particular style/view of dynamic blog that I had - "snapshot" din't show the post with out a pic.. but other views did.. even without a pic.. so you see.. LEARNING :)
 The coolest part is....  It is interactive and gives a sophisticated look :)

P.S. I added a twitter account and email account to the top tabs. Check it out!

Have a beautiful day! :)


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