Friday, June 22, 2012

Charming Charlie finds :)

Aren't we all super excited to shop for jewelry :)? Even window shopping (without buying anything) is like a therapy don't you think :) To refresh minds!

Anyway its real nice to write about it.. not so practical with a kid! I always make an online research on my little available time on what to buy and where to buy and hit only 1 or 2 stores when we visit the mall.

Charming Charlie is one such stop. Its a fashion jewelry shop. This time luckily I visited the shop during a good sale on the SALE items. These were Buy 1 get 2 free! Each piece was on sale for $3. Soooo.. good find don't you think? :)

The black metal hoop like earrings were Originally $6.97
The retro blue ones were $5.97 and
The anklet - I don't remember..

But all three were $3 on sale. Apart from sale, the whole store is a real treat to the eyes (If you have time :) ) I've never seen around the whole shop as such.. just a part of it. Its color you can find greens together, yellows together... etc. If you have one in your place sure pay a visit!

DISCLAIMER: I'm not sponsored by the shop or reviewing the shop/products. All the products mentioned here were bought by me and is purely my own view of it.


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