Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Simple nail art (on short nails) - Day 26

I'm writing this post among so many thoughts. Past couple of days had me thinking about many surprises and shocks that life throws at us.. hmmm... I wasn't prepared to blog anything today. But I din't want to let go of the challenge as far as I can. Its 26th day. 4 more to go.

This was a very very simple, novice nail art that I tried 1 year ago. Had it in the pics and wanted to show you all. I prefer short square nails - that is all I can manage :)

I used tooth pick to draw the ...err.. flowers? This was my first attempt (and the last too.. couldn't spend time after that) Now a days I use fimo flowers. Let me know if you like to see the fimo flower art... 


  1. Kudos to u for blogging for 26 continuous days..maybe I should try this cuz nowadays I keep my nails short for the sake of my toddler..


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