Saturday, May 5, 2012

Project 10 pan ~ Project blog 30

Hello ladies! This year has been kind of a bummer so far for me... for many reasons. Hmmm.. since nothing interesting was happening.. I was thinking about to start one.

I came across a Project 10 pan challenge in some blogs - that is you have to select 10 items from your vanity and finish them up before you could buy another item of that kind. So I was thinking about a similar challenge for my blog. So comes PROJECT BLOG 30.

I'm going to try and post for 30 continuous days. This is a mere attempt to keep the blog running and regular. and to have an interesting challenge to complete.

So.. I'll post random thoughts, pictures, food, makeup, etc etc.. I'm going to start it today (I was thinking to wait until June so that I can call it a month.. but I just decided to call it 30 and start it right away - never postpone it. Something always comes up and you'll never start it!)

So.... here starts my challenge with this post!


  1. I always tell myself I should set up some challenge like this for myself, but I just am so unsure...and a little lacking in terms of time to give to my blog..wish you all the best with your challenge..and yummm recipes you have here :D

  2. Thank you Radhika!... and thanks for the tip on comments... I never realized what settings I had..:)) Changed it.


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