Saturday, May 19, 2012

Pressure cooked eggs(quick n healthy fix) - Day 15

This is not a recipe per se. But a tip/trick may be. Did you know that ONLY pressure cooking kills all the virus/bacteria in eggs (to the maximum).  And trust me, Its even more faster and quicker than boiling eggs in water!

That is what this post is about - Pressure cooked eggs. I have a pressure pan. I fill it with water to about an inch and keep the eggs in a flat bottomed bowl/vessel with eggs covered with water. I put the weight and leave it to a whistle. Switch off immediately after whistle. If you are going to put it directly in the cooker, I would suggest to switch off even before the whistle (since its more of a direct heat)

After the steam is let off, you can peel off the shell and add salt n fresh ground pepper and feed the kid :)

And to "Healthy Morsels baby and toddler" by Taste of pearl city


  1. There is an award waiting for you Devi at my space. do collect it.


  2. Usually i wont put weight, also i always make my hard boiled eggs in pressure cooker, very handy method na.

  3. never made eggs in pressure cooker, interesting. will try. eggs will be hard boiled or soft?

  4. very usefull and handy tip...

  5. Glad to follow you devi. My mother always uses this method for the eggs. Do visit my blog in ur free time.

  6. Thats a cool tip Devi...and quicker too ! Thank you for sharing it with Healthy Morsels- Baby and Toddler Foods :)


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