Thursday, May 17, 2012

NYC blushable creme stick - Day 13

Okay, now I know you might be wondering why the title has suddenly diverged from cooking topics. Let me explain first before abruptly telling you about the product...  If you are not interested in the story.. skip to the pic.

The world of blogging opened up a bunch of pretty things to me. Originally I started blogging to keep myself occupied on dependent visa( believe me, I even had a separate blog under that name!) But later, it turned out to be a good hobby. I started blogging about cooking. A little more than a year ago (just after I had my kid) I took a long break from blogging.. well basically I wasn't cooking anything :) Just enjoying.

During that time I got to know about the pretty things I mentioned earlier.. like crochet, knitting, jewelry making, makeup, etc. After a year and a half or so of researching, reading reviews, experimenting, etc, now I feel confident about writing about all that stuff.

So, Disclaimer: I'm not an expert in this category. Its simply my opinion/view on/of the product. With all products purchased by me. Just letting you all know what I learnt basically.

Done with all the blabbing... to the post now!

Some time back I was reading a lot of rave reviews for this product called NYC blushable creme stick. The reason being its price and the quality that this delivers given the price($3.99).  So, I started looking for it. This brand is available in walmart, target. But I couldn't find it. Later I came to know that it has been discontinued.

But recently I spotted this at Sears (outlet). Grabbed a couple of it right away. But its been seen at Dollar tree's now I believe. My local dollar tree din't have it.

So if you want a good cream blush that is totally affordable go for it in sears or dollar tree.

The shade I got for myself was Mauvin' Uptown. I think it'll go well with my NC 43-44 skin tone. Here are the swatches.

Swatch - right, Blended - left

Excuse me if the pics aren't good enough - first attempt :)

Can't comment on staying power and stuff since I haven't used it yet. Another blush I'm terribly excited about is NYX cream blush in orange :).. waiting for its arrival. Once it is here, will swatch it too.


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