Thursday, May 10, 2012

FRESH Ginger & garlic paste without blender/mixie - Day 6

This is an instant quick fix for make ginger garlic paste that we often use to increase the flavor of the dish. Since I found this method I've stopped using mixie/blender for the past 2 years. This is fresh, quick and absolutely saves a trip to the blender :)

I got this shredder at IKEA. But I've seen it in all other stores too. I just use this shredder to shred the ginger and garlic. Its super fine and makes a good paste.

Few pieces stay as tiny strands that is so small that it really increases the flavor even more than the traditional paste made in blender.

When you have sore throat an effective remedy is to mix lemon, honey and ginger in hot water and drink. I just use this way to instantly squeeze ginger juice freshly.

Try it out and let me know how it works for you!

I would like to link this to "EP series - herbs & spices" event hosted @ Prabha's cooking started by Julie.


  1. oh yea. this is best when you are out of ginger garlic paste. nice idea,

  2. Super idea.i think this is more flavoufull.

  3. Thats a brilliant idea, well done.

  4. Nice one, I normally use the traditional ragda for making ginger garlic paste

  5. Lovely useful post..Thanx for dropping by dear n the follow too..:-)
    Happily joined your space to be your 150th follower :-)
    You can link this recipe to the event EP series-'ginger or pepper corn' ,the link is below
    Join me in the ONGOING EVENTS-"Ginger OR Pepper Corns/powder(EP Series-May) ,
    Show me Your HITS 'Iron Rich Foods'

  6. @Julie - thank you for letting me know of the event:)


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