Monday, January 17, 2011

Jewelry making - novice work

This is my first attempt at jewelry making :) Please leave your feedback and suggestions. I'm absolutely new to this, so some finishings might not be perfect. But, as always - practice give perfection :) If you are interested, I'll post on where to get the materials and how to get started. These are the only pieces I've made, so it is a learning journey that I've just started.


  1. Congrats and best wishes on ur new blog site. Loved the site and especially the ear rings,lovely. Looking forward for more and take pride in being the first follower :):)

  2. Wow! Devi these are too good.. Handmade stuff.. really cute.. will be here often.. I am adding u to the blogroll of my other blog..Have a peek there too..

  3. Looks too good . I liked the second one very much

  4. very prettywork dear.
    Where did you got the base?

  5. hai devi.........the first time i know you have a blog.....sorry for the late coming.i liked all your works,especially blog appearance for mentioning me in hat thread


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