Monday, December 20, 2010

Knitting & Crochet

I'm an absolute beginner to knitting and crochet. It all started few months back, when I wanted to knit a baby blanket. I started to browse for basic information on knitting, searched for videos in youtube. Believe me! there are tons of information online. While nothing will compare to a well organized class... this is just a starting point to know about the craft. I bought the knitting needles from Joann and started searching "What is knitting" ... :) ...  

Then comes crochet, which sailed the same boat as knitting. I got the crochet hooks and looked for information on crochet online.

I'm hoping that this post will encourage any one who wants to learn a craft - like an absolute beginner like myself - is very much possible. The joy to creating things(even if it is a small piece) by our hands is immense!! :) 

Although I feel to master the craft, it is possible only through proper guidance. I'll put up my knitting and crochet works - I'm very much new to this, so I've tried only very basic items. Hoping to do more :) Would like to get all your valuable comments :)

Here is the first baby blanket (small) that I knit - It is a simple garter stitch baby blanket.


  1. Hi Devi, I was actually looking for knitting tutorials a few days back though everyone was teaching the techniques, there wasn’t much information on the length or how to turn to the next line and about measurements. I see that you have done a good job and can you help me on this. I have done crochet work when I was in school and I have always been interested in knitting a sweater but never knew how.

  2. Wow! Dear.. U learnt that online! Kudos.. Hoping to see more of ur creations!

  3. Congrats on ur maiden knitting. Superb,looks very well done. After reading ur encouraging words, I too feel like beginning my long lost knitting :):)Thanks.

  4. great work dear thanks for sharing...i love to follow u.

  5. Thank you friends :)
    @Vimala: Hi.. Knitting a sweater is one of my dream projects too:).. But I'm not that much experienced in knitting. I tried a trial granny square on different stitches. Please let me know if I could help in any way...


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