Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Veggie cutlet/hotdog/burger

I tried a little experiment today, using the same stuffing for different dishes. My husband loved the Veggie hotdog and cutlets!.. I'm looking forward to an occasion to make this for my friends. I would like to enter to the lovely event conducted by Arundhuti (http://gourmetaffair.blogspot.com/2009/12/announcing-my-first-event-served-with.html)

Stuffing Ingredients:
potatoes - 4
green peas - 1 1/2 cup
carrots - 1/2 cup
chilli powder
coriander leaves
lemon juice

boil the vegetables and mash it together with all the ingredients to form the stuffing.

Veggie Hotdogs:
hotdog buns - 8
grated cheese
mix 1/2 cup of corn flour in water
bread crumbs

Shape the stuffing like a hotdog and dip it in corn flour mix and the coat it with bread crumbs and shallow fry it, till golden brown. The patty is ready. Take a hotdog bun, coat it with a thin layer of ketchup in the slit and then a layer of grated cheese, then place the patty on it and coat another layer of cheese as required. Bake this in Microwave oven for 15-20 seconds for cheese to melt. Veggie hotdogs are Ready.

All purpose flour - 1 cup
oil - 1 tsp

Sprinkle water as needed to the flour,salt and oil mix and knead into a soft dough to make samosas. take the dough and press it like we do for chapati , then cut it in the middle, each half can be shaped into a cone and use the stuffing inside the cone and close it. deep fry the samosas.

Note: The dough was a little difficult to press and the samosas came thicker. its important to press it thin.

I shaped the stuffing into flat circles and dipped it into the corn flour mix then into bread crumbs and shallow fried it to make cutlets

The same cutlets can be shaped more flatter to fit the burger buns and cheese slices can be used and baked for Veggie Burger.

ketchup can be used for all the dishes above to serve with.


  1. hey daa... good idea to use the same filling for all the three....
    then one tip.... generally for any dough, when u want it to be soft, use hot water while kneading it...
    Esp., wheat flour can absorb more water...only thing is, u have to add it little by little while kneading... if u do this way, the dough will be really soft even adding milk or ghee or oil to it...

    When it comes to samosa dough, if u add sujee to the flour and knead, the samosas will come out crisp....

    hope these tips help :-)

  2. Looks so yummy , great 3 in one idea..

  3. @ Priya Akka: Thanks for the tips akka :)
    @ Pavithra : Thank you :)

  4. these look so good...thnx for the wonderful entries..

  5. Looks so good Devi, really healthy and delicious too.


  6. Hi loved ur 3 in 1 idea,even i do this remixing.take care


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