Friday, December 18, 2009

Tip to ferment Idly/Dosai maavu (dough)

I live in Chicago, in places as cold as Chicago the Idly /Dosai maavu (dough) takes a long time to ferment... I heard this tip from one of my friends here, and tried it.. it really works good. Once you grind the dough, keep it under a light (like the one in microwave placed above the stoves). This keeps the dough close to the light and speeds up the fermentation process. But, not all homes have microwaves placed in this style, switching on the conventional oven's light and keeping the dough in there will also help. Alternatively, just keeping the dough in the conventional oven will also speed up the process.


  1. nice useful tips for maavu fermentation!! I keep my maavu in a switched-off preheated oven, it speeds up the process; but I always find a great difference with the idlis in India , hehehe :)


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