Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Chettinad Karupatti Paniyaram

Raw rice - 2 cups
Dark Jaggery - 1 cup

1. Soak the rice for 2 hours and spread it in a towel to dry for 1 hour
2. Blend the rice in blender finely without water and sift the flour
3. Melt the jaggery by just sprinkling the water and pour it in the flour and mix it to a consistency little thicker than chapati dough
4. Mix little water to the dough and make it to a thick liquid consistency
5. Heat the oil and ladle out the paniyaram


  1. Hey yepdi indha corner ipdi design maari iruku.. super ah iruku paniyaaram.. do you have some maker for it.. looks so cute :)

  2. Thank you Nithya!... It depends on the dough consistency, I had it as a thick dough, similar to idly dough. Then, took a spoon of dough and poured it in oil and waited till it rose and came up, then changed it to other side.

  3. Immm....Mouthwatering...Nice look...Wanna taste.....

    Love to share an award with u. kindly accept dear.

  4. Thank yoooo Sumathi :) I'm sooo happy!

  5. Hi Devi,

    Paniyaram looks incredible:) Love it...

    b/n One teeny question, how did you manage to bring the frilled sides on payaram...that looks amazing.

  6. Thankyoo Malar :), It depends on the jaggery type... I used the darkest one for it... the brand I got here was called "Nirav"... that played the main part with the shape actually..

  7. Hello Devi,

    Came to know ur blog thro Foodie blog roll. Nice blog. I love paniyaarams.....
    I like ur blog. I just started blogging last month. Visit mine too when u find time....

  8. Hey, I always love this sweet paniyaram...looks extremely professional..

  9. Looks yummy and delicious
    Do drop by
    when u find time


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