Wednesday, June 18, 2008

cooking tips....

I would like to share some of cooking tips that i have heard and used....

  • Whenever you make idli dough or kuli paniyaram dough , you can soak little aval(flattened rice) along with the rice and make dough....... this will soften the idli or kuli paniyaram.

  • For kuli paniyaram, instead of aval, you can add left over cooked rice... this will also give soft paniyarams.

  • In any dish , if you have added too much of salt, you can drop a sphere of chapathi dough in the dish, this will take off excess salt.

  • Do not re-heat the used oil, using re-heated oil only adds saturated fat to our body, which is not good for health.

  • Try to switch to canola oil , instead of vegetable oil.

  • Whenever you make vegetable biryani, you can add cocount milk to the grinded masala, this will increase the taste of the biryani.

  • When using microwave at home, try not to boil water in microwave. This could be dangerous. Over heatin of water in microwave can cause to burst it.


  1. hai this is naveena!!!
    good work on ur blog dear!!keep it up!!:)

  2. oye Devil........
    samaiyal la thalla aitta polla...
    nice tips ;)
    keep goinggg!!
    u rock! :)

  3. Good effort devi... liked ur page very much :-)keep rocking !!!!
    Priya Badri


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