Tuesday, March 11, 2008

"CHETTINAD" - rich culture and tradition....

The rich culture and traditions of the CHETTINAD community has always fascinated me......

The truely enormous chettiar mansions, the uniquely tasting chettinad food, the grandly arranged chettiar marraige,etc.... all these have aroused my curiosity to look into deeper roots the community. So, i tried to collect some information about chettiars and enlighten about the community.......

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The nagarathar society is divided into nine temples(koil):

  • illaiyathangudi

  • mathur

  • vairavan koil

  • nemam koil

  • illupaikudi

  • surakudi

  • velangudi

  • irani koil

  • pillayarpatti

some of these temples have further divisions called pirivu.

There are about 75 villages now in the chettiar community.Devakottai and Karaikudi are the two major towns of chettiar clan. The regions with significant chettiar population now incudes Tamil Nadu, Sri Lanka, Singapore,Malaysia. To know about the detailed history of the nattukotai chettiars visit:



Sri Thendayuthapani Temple(singapore) also known as Chettiars Temple is one of the oldest temple built by nattukotai chettiars in the year 1859 A.D. , some of the functions that are grandly celebrated in this temple are thai pusam, skanda shasti, thiru karthigai, letcha archanai and navarathri. Even today this temple is being maintained by the chettiars residing in singapore and each and every function is celebrated traditionally.

Another temple which reflects the chettiar tradition , even today, is the Arulmigu Thandayuthapani Temple also known as
Nattukotai Chettiars Waterfall Temple is located in Penang, Malaysia. An estimated 100,000 people attend the Thai pusam festival at the temple, making it the largest festival and human gathering in Penang. It is also a leading tourist attraction.


  1. hi devi. its really nice to see you come out like this. it is an awesome idea.

  2. Infact i developed an interest on Chettiand culture n tradition only after attending ur marriage Devs, One single word which i would use to describe ur wedding is "MAGNIFICENT".. WOW, i have never seen such a wedding, food, reception, hospitality,etc, etc., anytime before.... Hmmmm, from then on i started exploring the various cultures and traditions in India especially South Indian.

  3. oh..dats great kans!!!... so lets share information bout various traditions n cultures....????!!!

  4. wow, thats a great idea:):).. Do add blogs on different cultures in the world.


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